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Happy 20th Anniversary, Magic School Bus! - September 10, 1994



Ms. Frizzle’s class Myers-Briggs Personality Types




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The Pain That Never Goes AwaySome things always stay with you, no matter how much time has passed.

It’s a Phoebe-centric angsty oneshot, and it’s quite very good, so go read it!




What I don’t understand is that for all the fanfics about the magic school bus kids Phoebe doesn’t have anything special about her, she’s still always the quiet one who love science and the most special thing about her is which of the four guys she is dating/married to

fuck that

give me quiet and sweet Phoebe who gets passionate about her research with animals

A Phoebe, who is a vet tech and working tooth and claw (somewhat literally) to get a Phd in zoology and study amazingly technical stuff, like the trouble of introducing neural controlled prosthetics to animals or how the extinction of a single microbe could demolish an entire sub-ecosystem and have the research to prove it or a masterful thesis on extremophiles

Phoebe who is shy but will open up at the smallest mention of butterflies and she will talk your ear off about insects and how the contribute to the ecosystem more than you ever wanted to know

Phoebe, a hardcore vegan who is peaceful and understanding and polite to people who prefer to eat meat and isn’t offended when people cannot afford a vegan diet but will shut you down with beautiful arguments if you start insulting vegans or people with dietary restrictions and don’t ‘get’ their choice

Phoebe, who is unfailingly polite, getting loud at protests against PETA, because the way they save animals is wrong. Who has literally warpainted herself for her cause with stripes beneath her cheeks and a cause scrawled underneath them and on her forehead. Who shakes the biggest sign and has the loudest voice during the chants she started and is always the last one to end

Phoebe, who has traded her romper for a lab coat, for crop tops during summer protests, overalls working in her own vegetable garden, and a floaty, grown-up version of her childhood outfit when she goes to the farmer’s market for fresh flowers, organic fruit and vegetables, and to flirt with the cute florists

Phoebe, who smiles demurely and still doesn’t have her ears pierced but has wings tattooed on her back and tiny paw prints walking up the back of her ankle and the words “be kind” in flowing script on her forearm so she can always see it

Phoebe, who was the quiet one, but so much more than that

May I suggest fics by quirky cricket and the ultimateSora at To me, they have written the best Phoebes (and both have stated at various times that Phoebe is their favorite character, iirc).

Magic School Bus + Game of Thrones




00’s Comedown MachineIt’s the gang’s junior year of high school, and what a year it’s going to be. From heated class president campaigns to town rivalries going up a notch to new friends and new enemies to relationships starting and ending and rekindling and ending again, hilarity is sure to ensue.

Another humorous high school-era fic. If you enjoy the likes of Arrested Development, Archer, and Parks and Recreation, then you’ll love the references sprinkled throughout.



If Lily Tomlin doesn’t voice the Friz in the reboot, can Jennifer Hale? Please?


"The Magic School Bus In The Haunted House" (S01, E08)

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